Welcome to the San Benito-Monterey Unit Training Website

The goal of the San Benito-Monterey Unit Training Division is to develop and maintain a unit wide training plan that serves the needs of all unit personnel delivering fire, rescue and emergency medical services to our local customers and to the citizens of California.

This web site was developed to provide our diverse group of firefighters, all access opportunities for training no matter their location. We strive to ensure quality service through continuing education and training for our group of professional firefighters. We hope this site is an informative, user friendly and widely accessible avenue to upcoming training and events.

Included are commonly used CAL FIRE training documents and fire service training links. Information made available through these links to will enhance your ability to deliver training to your firefighters. If you should find any omissions or something that you think would have value to your fellow firefighters please feel free to contact us with your suggestion. This site is new and will be constantly evolving and we sincerely hope to utilize its unlimited possibilities.